Sunday, July 26, 2009

Downloading the Movie Segments

Many readers have asked me about downloading the segments. I'm not a technology expert, soI know only one way of downloading them. You can download the videos with real player. Download the free version at After you install it, all you'll have to do is to scroll the mouse over the screen and you'll be automatically offered the choice to download it. That's how I download youtube videos, and you can do it here too. Unfortunately, blogger does not allow fullscreening, sorry, but downloading the segment is easy. If you are not offered the option to download the segment, it is probably your realplayer's settings. You have to allow downloading videos from the web. When you open realplayer, go to Ferramentas (Tools), then Preferencias (Preference), finally Download e gravação (downloading and recording). There you'll have an option to click to activate downloads from the web and to show the button automatically. Just follow the steps and you should be able to do it. The terminology may be a bit different for my version is in Portuguese. If you still don't manage it, it might be the fact that some schools and colleges have filters for downloading. Then I cannot help it. There might be other ways. If you know another one, leave a comment giving instructions, please.


  1. Hi Claudio,
    I have already written a post about that. Here's the link
    Hope you find it useful

  2. Thanks, Sabrina. You comment is very useful to everyone. See you.

  3. New movies for download you may find here

  4. I use youtube catcher to download videos.
    Congrats on your site...It is great!!!!!!!
    Cecilia- Argentina

  5. Hi, It's impossible to download the videos with Real Player Gold. There's a mistake everytime I use it. Is there any other real player version I can use to download the videos.

    Claudio...thank you once again. This site is really useful and I have already told my workmates about it!!

  6. Hi, it's me again. I've come across the solution!! The problem was the real player version. If I changed to real player 11 gold it works!! However the newer version real player SP gold doesn't. So if somebody has the same problem as me, just change the RP version.
    Thank you!

  7. Dear Eva,

    I tried it myself and I also could not download the segment using Mozilla, but I managed with internet explorer. Try it, please.

  8. Dear Claudio,
    your blog is awsome! I've already tried a couple of your ideas in my classes, the kids love it! I myself was trying to do something like that, the biggest problem was finding films in the original. Thanks a lot.
    Could you possibly be sooooo kind as to explain what the 'word arrows' and 'word moons' are? How can one possibly do them oneself?
    Oh, I'm being impolite, sorry! I'm a teacher, my name is Nadia which means 'Hope' and I'm from Sevastopol, Crimea.
    Thanks again.

  9. Hi Nadia,
    Thanks for your words. Word arrows and moons can be done at the site The Generartor Blog
    See you,

  10. Dear Claudio,
    thanks a lot! You are really wonderful!

  11. Marcia Whitney-Schenck from Chicago wrote these instructions for Apple users. She says it works perfectly, following these guidelines. Thanks, Marcia.

    1. Download RealPlayer and place on your dock. There will be three logos: Realplayer downloader, RealPlayer with the initials SP, and Realplayer converter.
    2. Open Copy the URL.
    3. Open the Realplayer logo with SP
    4. Go to Realplayer’s File. Then Open Location. Paste in URL You are back to the website, but you are seeing it through RealPlayer’s eyes.
    5. Select your segment. Play button.
    6. A window will pop up. If not, force the window to come up by clicking on the logo Realplayer downloader in your dock. Click download. Play and Convert (two buttons)
    7. Another window will pop up. You can save to desktop or choose another location. Start.

  12. I've downloaded Real player ! It's great!!

  13. Thank you for the instructions for Apple users, it's great help!!! Thanks a lot and congratulation for your wonderful sites!

  14. Hi Claudio!
    First, I really love both of your blogs. The one for grammar goals has helped make grammar fun for my students, it's increased my confidence of trying new things and working more with technology, and it's made my classes so much more interesting.
    I'm going to try my first lesson using one of the warm-ups tomorrow, and I'm sure it'll be great.
    Second, THANK YOU for the realtime instructions for Mac users. I spent hours trying to figure something out before I finally saw this blogpost. Now I've followed the steps, and it works like a charm. :-)
    Thank you for saving my sanity - both with your wonderful and imaginative lesson plans, and your instructions.

  15. Cláudio, caiu do céu como Maná. As minhas aulas nunca mais vão ser as mesmas. Tanto que eu faço para animar as aulas e um génio já tinha pensado em tudo antes e feito melhor ainda. Muito obrigada em nome dos professores de Inglês do mundo todo. Ana Mósca, Portugal

  16. Good news. Now you can download the segments straight from the blog. Check out the link for the video segment download at the end of each post. You do not need any special tool anymore. You deserve it!