Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Happens in Vegas: Breaking Up

A. Talk to a partner and discuss the following questions.

1. Do you agree that everybody has already experienced the feeling of breaking up a relationship?

2. Make a list of all the feelings one may have when they break up an affair. Share it with the rest of the class.

B. Work with someone of the same sex as yours. Men will make a list with 8 excuses girls usually give to dump their boyfriends. Women, on the other hand, will make a list with 8 excuses men usually give to dump their girlfriends. Rank them (1 the least believable, 8 the most believable)

C. Read your excuses out loud and check with the opposite sex if you're right.

D. Watch the movie segment and check if any of you have come up with the excuse the character gives to break his engagement up.

E. Discuss these questions about the segment with a partner.

1. Do you like surprise parties? Have you ever had one? Was it different from the one in the segment?

2. Do you think her fiance was telling the truth? What makes you believe it?

3. Do you think his excuse is believable? If not, what should he say in a situation like that?

4. What would you do if you were in her shoes?

5. What do you think will happen next?



  1. Hi there,

    You make my life so much easier!!! Outstanding work. Thank you! I'll use it today.

  2. Thanks, Dani. I also like this segment. Enjoy it.

  3. Hi, Cláudio.

    I was not able to download the movie.
    Thank you for the activity.