Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mall Cop: Obesity

I. Watch the movie segment and answer the questions that follow.

II. Talk to a partner:

1. Describe what happened in the scene.

2. What were the ladies figthing over?

3. Why was the lady so offended?

4. Do you think the security guard's comment was offensive or inappropritate? Why?

5. Why do you think people get so offended when they are called fat or by similar derogatory names?

6. How are fat people seen by the society?

Student 1 asks the questions below to student 2

1. Why is obesity bad for the health?

2. What should governments do to fight obesity? Should they do anything at all?

3. Are parents responsible for their children's obesity?

4. Should schools prohibit junk food to the students? Why (not) ?

5. Is obesity a problem in your family? How so?

Student 2 asks the questions below to student 1

1. What is worse? Obesity or anorexia? Why?

2. Is there a relatinship between obesity and video games? How?

3. Is obesity a disease or a choice?

4. Is it fair that obese peóple have speacial seats on theaters, buses oand airplanes? Why (not)?

5. Have you ever been discriminated or mocked because of your weight?

6. Do very thin people suffer with discrimination too? Explain it.

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