Friday, October 29, 2010

Coco Chanel: Modeling - Fashion Show

Coco Chanel is a movie made for television, but Shirley MacLaine's performance is fantastic. It is a fairly good movie, but Zoolander is a comedy for those who like Ben Stiller. We usually have classes about models and fashion, so these segments are great tools for your classes.

A. Discuss these questions about models and fashion shows.

1. Do you follow the fashion trends? How do you do it or why don't you do it?

2. What's your opinion about the fashion industry?

3. Do you know any famous fashion designers? Talk about the ones you know and your opinion about them.

4. What's your opinion about fashion shows? Are they important or useless? Explain it?

5. What's your opinion about fashion models? Are they examples of beauty?

6. Many people think that models are not healthy. Do you agree with them? Does it apply to male models too?

7. Why do female models make much more money than male models?

8. What do you consider important in a fashion show? What does a designer have to take into consideration when planning one?

9. Have you ever been to a fashion show? Talk about it.

10. What's your opinion about the clothes you see in a fashion show? Are they wearable? Are they supposed to be wearable or is it just an expression of the designer's creativity and trends?

B. Take a look at what a few steps a designer has to consider while planning a show.

1. Choose an inspired theme for the show

2. The environment should reflect the central theme of the clothing line featured

3. Consider lighting effects, seating for guests, and enough space for the catwalk.

4. Music is a must, from classical to funk, but it should reflect the theme of the clothing

5. Models should be selected with care so that they merge with the theme and the clothes or any fashionables they display

6. Models should plan a small choreography that goes along the theme for the day. Models should be given enough time to present themselves individually and finally make a presentation together.

C. Work in small groups. Watch the segment from the movie Coco Chanel. This fashion show took place in 1950, so it was a long time ago. Check how or if the fashion show addresses the items in exercise B. Use examples to illustrate your opinions.

The information above is from the site Helium, article written by Christobel Rajesh

D. Now read the tips for posing for pictures: Information provided by the great modeling site Jurgita

1. Don't hold your breath for a pose. The concentration usually shows in the picture.

2. Don't keep both arms entirely straight unless directed to do so for a specific pose. Bend one or both arms, even if only a little, to make the pose look less artificial. Likewise, don't keep both legs entirely straight.

3. Don't always look straight at the camera. Instead, use a variety of head and eye positions: Try turning your head, or looking off to the side for some poses.

4. Don't use a big smile for every pose. Sometimes try a small smile, a laugh, or even a frown, to give some variety to your facial expressions.

5. Listen to what the photographer tells you. He can see you through the camera.

6. Rest most of your weight on one foot or the other instead of evenly on both feet. Doing so makes poses look less artificial.



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