Saturday, May 8, 2010

Avatar: Environment, Sustainability

A. Interview each other. Take turns asking the questions below.

1. How worried are you about the environment?

2. What is the most recent story that you have heard lately about the environment?

3. What are the biggest problems concerning the environment in your country?

4. What danger does your country pose to the global environment?

5. Do you think the American government is more concerned about its economy or the environment? Explain it.

6. Which countries are leaders in caring and not caring about the environment?

7. What do you think of environmental groups like Greenpeace? Do you know any other one?

8. Do you think our environment is impossible to be repaired now? Why (not)?

9. Do you think international meetings on the environment are useful? Have they helped? Explain it.

10. What do you do to help the environment?

B. Watch the first scene from the splendid movie Avatar. Then, in pairs, answer the questions about it. Information you might find helpful for the contextualization of the movie - taken from Avatar's informative site :

The Na'Vis

The Na'vi (in English: The People) are a race of extraterrestrial humanoids who inhabit the jungle moon of Pandora. They choose to live in harmony and natural equilibrium with their surroundings. If they become too numerous, Eywa, the intelligence they worship, may devise a way to limit their numbers before they cause an ecological imbalance, for she maintains the balance of life. Over the millennium, the Na'vi have developed a healthy respect and reverence for their surrounding environment. In return, Eywa may have affected the environment to provide them with sufficient food and shelter, creatures to ride for ground and air transportation, and an ambient, comfortable temperature throughout the different biomes of Pandora. 

1. Describe the scene.

2. How does the movie segment connect with the paragraph you have read?

3. How do you compare their beliefs with humans'?

4. How possible is it to live on Earth like the Na'Vis do in Pandora?

5. What are the possible consequences of (not) living according to their philosophy of life?

C. Now read the definitions and kinds of sustainability, taken from this brilliant educational site, which is worth visiting and a great resource for teachers.

Economic Sustainability

It means that development is economically efficient and that the benefits of such development are distributed between generations of people. Growth now will not place people living in the future in danger. 

Social Sustainability

It requires that development does not cause social conflict. In practice this means that development should increase people’s control over their own lives—that all social groups should have the opportunity to participate in decision making.

Cultural Sustainability

It requires that any development should take into account the values and beliefs affected by it. In addition, the range of cultural groups should be maintained and encouraged and the value of their heritage, traditions, and points of view recognized.

Ecological Sustainability

It means that development should take into account the maintenance of ecological processes, biological diversity, and environmental resources. To achieve this, our society needs to recognize that the survival and well-being of other species are also important.

D. Watch the second segment and answer the questions below in pairs. 

1. Describe the scene.

2. What are the possible consequences of their ideas?

3. Are they taking any of the aspects of sustainability into consideration? Justify your answer.

4. What would the American government have to do to take advantage of Pandora's resources, following the principles of sustainability?

E. Now watch the third segment from Avatar. Take a look at how the Americans dealt with the environment in Pandora in order to get the mineral they need and answer the questions.

1. Describe the scene.

2. How did the Americans deal with the environment in Pandora?

3. Explain how the four levels of sustainability were neglected.

4. What are the consequences of this act to Pandora, the moon they live in, and to the Na'Vis.



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