Saturday, March 27, 2010

View from the Top: Job Interview

This movie is great and this scene is especially funny. It is perfect for talking about job interviews.

A. Work in small groups:

Come up with 8 tips one should follow during a job interview in order to impress the interviewer and get the position you're applying for.

B. Share your list with the class.

C. Now read the tips below. Check the ones you consider important for the interviewee. Also explain why they are important and how the tips would impress the interviewer. The first one is done for you. This was found at ehow and wikihow, great sites with tips for the employee and for jobs!

( x ) Remember and use the names of the people that are interviewing you.

Forgetting someone's name is basically telling that person, "You are not important enough for me to remember." It's a psychological fact that people love to hear their own name. Use this to your advantage to create a positive anchor about you in the mind of your interviewer.

( ) Make sure to dress appropriately and conservatively. Dark blue and dark brown suits with white shirts are the best colors for job interviews. Men should remove their earrings. Women should not wear earrings that are larger than a dime and not wear too much make-up. Make sure shoes are polished. Hair style should be conservative.

( ) Don't arrive too early or late to a job interview. Make sure to leave early enough to be on time, but do not show up earlier than 10 minutes before an interview.

( ) Firmly shake the job interview manager's hand. Don't shake hands too roughly. Just make sure not to give a wimpy handshake suggesting you lack confidence.

( ) Watch your body language during a job interview. Sit up straight. Don't slouch. Sit comfortably, and make sure not to cross your arms. Don't stare into space. Women should sit with legs or ankles crossed. Smile.

( ) Be polite. A job interview is where you want to practice manners. Say, "thank you" and "please." Use "Mr." or "Ms." unless the job interview manager asks you to call him or her by first name.

( ) Make sure to do your research before the job interview. Check out the company's website. Do a Google search.

( ) Don't interrupt. Be a good listener.

( ) Speak audibly and clearly.

( ) Don't talk about religion, politics or make negative remarks about your previous employee.

C. Work in pairs. Each student will have a role. Don't read each other's role. After reading and understanding your role, role-play the job interview to the class.

Student 1:

You are the interviewer for a position as a flight attendant at American Airlines. You need the best flight attendants in the country. The most important features for the job is confidence, tranquility, ability to solve emergency problems, friendliness, politeness and commitment. Ask the necessary questions to decide whether the candidate suits for the position.

Student 2:

You are applying for a position as a flight attendant at American Airlines. It is your dream job. Your qualities are the following: you are very polite, committed, eager to start working as a flight attendant. However, you are a bit anxious and do not work very well under pressure. Don't lie to the interviewer, but try to convince him that you are simply perfect for the position.

D. Watch the movie segment and discuss the following questions:

Paige (left), Christine (center), Donna (left)

1) Which of three candidates performed best during the interview? Why? Who was hired?

2) What were some of the things that they did wrongly, according to the tips given in exercise C?

3) Did they all deserved to be hired? Why (not)?

4) How about the interviewer? Were his questions appropriate? Explain it.

5) How differently should the interview be conducted?

6) What's your opinion of having a job as a flight attendant?

7) Would you like to apply for that position? Would you be suitable for it? Why (not)?



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  7. Thanks for warning me. The segment has been updated. It is the right video now. Check it out, please.

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