Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Love You, Man & 21 Jump Street: Friends

A. Work in pairs and interview each other. Student 1 first asks his questions to

Student 2. Then they switch roles.

Student 1:

1. How important are friends to you? Why?

2. What makes a friend the best friend? Explain it?

3. Talk about your best friend.

4. Is it possible men and women be friends without any sexual connotation involved? Why (not)?

5. Is it true that male friends are more sincere and united than female friends? Explain it.

6. Are friends in orkut or facebook real friends? Do you keep contact with all of them? Why (not?)

Student 2:

1. Are friends sometimes more important than family? Explain it.

2. Does it matter to you if your friend is male or female? How different are these kinds of friendship?

3. How similar are you and your best friend? And how different?

4. At which stages of life is it easier to make friends? Why?

5. Do you still have childhood friends? If so, talk about them. If not, why did you lose contact with each other?

6. Would you trust a person who does not have friends? Why (not)?

B. Rank the qualities or characteristics you believe are important in a friend. 1 is the most important one, whereas 10 is the least important one.

( ) Honesty

( ) Intelligence

( ) Be fun

( ) Have the same tastes about music, movies and entertainment preferences

( ) Sincerity

( ) Be supportive of you and your goals

( ) Trustworthiness

( ) Loyalty

( ) Be a good listener

( ) Be a good advisor

C. Share your list with a few partners and compare your lists.

D. Watch the movie segment and talk about the questions that follow:

1. Describe what happened in the segment.

2. What are the girlfriends talking about?

3. What did they talk about Peter?

4. Why is his fiancee concerned?

5. Why didn't Peter want to serve the chocolate drinks anymore?

6. Is it okay for a man not to have any male friends? Why (not?)

7. Would you let your fiance (boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife) travel to another city without you if he is not going on a business trip? Why (not)?

8. Do you think it is okay for your boyfriend/girlfriend (husband/wife) to go out with other friends at night without your company? Why (not?)

9. What are the best ways to make friends where you live?

10. What advice would you give Peter?

Watch the movie segment from the movie 21 Jump Street and discuss the questions:

1. How did Schmidt and Jenko know each other? How would you describe their relationship?
2. What did they have in common and how different were they?

3. Under what circumstances did they meet each other again.

4. Why do you think they got closer to each other and became friends?

5. Is it possible for such different people to become real friends?

6. Is it true that adversities bring people together? If so, is this what happened in the scene? Explain it.



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