Saturday, October 10, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Shopping

This movie a great source of discussion points. I used the opening scene to talk about shopping in an impartial manner.

A. Watch the movie segment from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic and then discuss the following questions:

1) What are real prices and mom prices, according to Rebecca?

2) What does she see when she goes window shopping?

3) How did she call credit cards? Why?

4) How does she compare her excitement of seeing a store?

B. Talk to a different partner now:

1. Who prefer shopping? Men or Women? Why?

2. Do you buy unnecessary things? How do you deal with it?

3.What advice would you give Rebecca, the main character of the movie?

4. Do you know anyone like Rebecca? Tell your partner about this person.

5. What are the best places for shopping in your city?

6. Do you prefer department stores or smaller ones? Why?

7. Do you prefer malls or shopping on the streets? Why?


1. Which is the best shopping mall in your city? Why do you think so?

2. Which is the best store for women's clothes? And men's clothes?

3. What do you dislike about shopping malls?

4. What do you like about shopping malls?

5. What was the last thing you bought for yourself? Why did you buy it?



  1. Thanks for the suggestions on the points of discussion. This will definitely be helpful in my class.

  2. By chance, I came across your excellent blog. Ya, congrats on what you've been doing - what a great job and sharing it with a virtual community. UAU!
    I'm sending you an email with my materials on this movie, ok?
    Be my guest and visit my own blog at

  3. Congrats!!!! I really love your blogs... They are soooo useful for all of us. THanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring us.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback. They're very encouraging.

  5. Thank you, Claudio.

    This video clip is excellent! Tomorrow will be my second time using it in the classroom. There are lots of themes that I could use with this video. I used the shopping theme before. Tomorrow, I'll be using the money theme. I suggest everyone to try different themes with this video clip.

  6. Yes, Annet, it is very rich, indeed. Great suggestions. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Thanks a bunch. You've helped me a lot.
    My students really enjoy the activities

  8. Claudio,

    Next week will be my third time using this video clip. This time the lesson is on Consumerism. I'll also use Shania Twain's "Ka-Ching" for one of the activities.

    Thanks for everything!

  9. Hey Annet,

    I also love the snippet. Consumerism is a great topic. I will see what I have in my files and perhaps come up with a new post on it. See you.

  10. Claudio,

    Well done! So far, your blog is the only thing I have found to help me put together a character education lesson on this movie; however, I can't help to bring up the fact that her protagonist's name is Rebecca and not Vicky.

    Ana Nelson

  11. Thanks for the feedback, Ana. I'll change her name right away.

  12. Thank you for such a great blog - very helpful

  13. Thanks a lot once more!!! I used it today and it was awesome!!!