Saturday, September 11, 2010

View from the Top: Dreams and Goals

A. Use the vocabulary below to complete the sentences:

1. childhood or lifelong dream

2. Fulfill or realize a dream

3. short-term / long-term goal

4. set goals for oneself

5. take steps to achieve or reach a goal.

a. It was clear that she needed to __________ and be successful in life.

b. When she heard that there was an opening position at her dream company, she ______________ to arrange an interview for the job.

c. Her ________ is to study hard and pass the course she is taking this term. However, her ________ is to have a major in her working field.

d. She finally ________ of getting married and moving abroad with her husband.

e. Living abroad has always been her _______________, but she knows that dreams sometimes don't come true.


a. take steps to achieve her goals b. set a goal for herself c. short-time goal / long-term goal d. fulfilled her dream e. lifelong dream

B. Complete the information below about yourself.

A Short-Term Goal: Steps needed to take to achieve it:

A Long-Term Goal: Steps needed to take to achieve it:

A Lifelong Dream: Steps needed to realize it:

C. Work in groups and share the information in your chart with your partners.

D. Now watch the movie segment from the movie View from the Top and discuss the questions that follow with a partner.

1. Describe the scene.

2. What is Donna's childhood dream?

3. Did she realize her dream by the time she was eighteen? Why (not)?

4. What steps did she try to take to achieve it?

5. Was she successful? Why (not)?

6. How did she feel after she was dumped by Tommy?

7. What made her change her mind?

8. What's the first step she has to take now?

9. What else do you think Donna has to do to fulfill her dream?


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