Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bride Wars: Weddings

Today I'm starting this new blog. This is my first post, which will be a test. I'd like to see how it works, if you like it, and if I should continue posting new activities. This is a funny movie and you can pre-teach wedding vocabulary, start discussions and predict the topic you will work during the class. If you like it, let me know it so I can continue with the blog. For your preparation, the vocabulary answers have the same color. I hope you like the activity.

I. Talk to a partner:

1 - Are you married? Tell your partner about your wedding / the last wedding you have been to.

2 - What's your opinion about getting married?

3 - What's your dream wedding? Describe it?

4 - Have you ever been to / heard of an unusual wedding? Talk about it.

5. Is marriage important to you? Justify it.

II. Match the vocabulary with its definition:

1. The name for the man on his wedding day.

2. An agreement made between the couple to get married.

3. A woman on her wedding day.

4. A way to legally end a marriage.
5. To ask someone to marry you.

6. The holiday after the wedding.

7. A couple who have just got married.

8. It is exchanged by the couple during the wedding.
9. The promises that the bride and groom make to each other during the ceremony.

10. An arrangement of flowers.

11. the girls who traditionally accompany the bride in the church.
12. The groom's friend who accompanies him in the ceremony.

13. A list of presents that guests can choose to buy the couple.

14. A garment that covers the head and face

( ) Best man

( ) Engagement

( ) Groom
( ) Honeymoon

( ) Bouquet

( ) Bridesmaids

( ) Bride
( ) Newly-weds

( ) Propose
( ) Divorce

( ) Wedding ring

( ) Wedding vows

( ) Wedding list

( ) Veil

III. Here are the steps of a traditional white wedding in America. Watch the segment of the film Bride Wars and check the items that took place in the ceremony.

( ) The bride is dressed in a long white wedding dress with a train.

( ) Her face is covered in a veil, and she carries a bouquet of flowers.

( ) She is accompanied by a couple of bridesmaids in matching dresses.

( ) The bride's father walks her down the aisle until they reach the priest at the altar.

( ) When they reach the altar, the bride stands with the groom.

( ) The couple exchange rings and are proclaimed "man and wife".

( ) The groom kisses his wife.

IV. Form groups of three students and talk about the following questions about the segment:

1. Is this wedding similar to traditional wedding ceremonies in your country? Explain.

2. Describe what happened in the segment.

3. What went wrong?

4. What do you think will happen after that?

5. Have you ever been to/ heard of a wedding that went wrong? Talk about it.



  1. Great idea - and a good excerpt here. I'll come back for more, thanks!

  2. This proyect is as wonderful as the one to assess grammar. I love it! Congrats!

  3. I hope you'll continue posting activities in this your new blog. It's a great idea! I think it can be very useful!

  4. Thanks. Check out the next one and see if you like it. See you.

  5. I like the idea very much. But I was wondering if there was a way for us to download the video segment to present it in our classrooms. Suggestions?

  6. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Very useful and creative activities, up-to-date language and even subtitles in the video!

    Thanks so much for sharing this and not just keeping this for yourself and your lucky students. I've always admired such people.

  7. Hi Claudio, very neat idea to blog these suggestions. I will definitely come back during the next school year, as I love films and using them in my English classes, too!
    I was just wondering how and where you got the clip from to embed in your blog?? And any chance of getting a full screen show of it - or are stepping on dangerous ground of copyright and stuff if we try to download these?? Great idea anyways!

  8. Dear Vera,
    Thank you very much. There's nothing like sharing. The more we share, the more we get in return. See you around!

  9. Claudio,

    You´re fantastic! And I just loved your idea and your test has shown how successful it is already just by the number of hits you got and the replies! You know I´m a big fan of yours, and I just love the fact that now you´re sharing the wonderful job you do at our school with the world and giving great support to the online community of educators you now have following you.

    Loved it!

  10. Thanks, Carla. You know the help you've been to me!

  11. Hi there,

    It is with people like you that we gain motivation to go on. A work with Ana Maria at Cultura inglesa, I'd love to keep in touch and to use your ideas as well. As soon as I come up with anything I'll it to you. I'm also a movie lover and always watch them with that third eye!
    Keep up the good work!
    Cheers from Uberlandia
    Danubia Bull

  12. Thanks, Danubia. This just made my day. Of course I'd like to exchange ideas. You may publish your activity here with all your credit, of course. Hope to see you around often.

  13. Claudio!
    Great idea. I would be very interested in hearing more. I teach Spanish, but I could show the clip with the Spanish dubbing, so thanks for the great idea. Looking forward to more.

  14. Thanks. Yes, I think you can do it that way. However, movies in authentic Spanish would be even better. But then I can't help you much. Adapting is the best you can do. Thanks for the feedback. Come back for more on Sunday.

  15. WOW!
    Almost couldn't believe my eyes.
    Fabulous idea.
    Andressa- Goiania CCBEU

  16. Thanks, Andressa. I hope you have enjoyed our seminar. See you!

  17. Claudio! I loved the blog. I really enjoy using movies in my classes so this will be a great help. I have a blog too with some lesson plans, you may have a look if you want.

  18. Hi Sabrina,
    Just visited your site. It's very inspiring. Come back more often. See you.

  19. Hi Claudio,
    I have just written a post about your blogs in my blog and I have also sent an email to you with some ideas. I'm not sure if I have your email right so please let me know if you have received it. If you haven't, you may contact me at Kisses.

  20. Hi Sabrina,
    I have received your excellent activity. I think it is simply perfect. Of course we could work out the material the way you suggested. Great job!

  21. Claudio,
    The work you have been doing on video activities is just amazing! I´ve been using them in my classes, different levels. They´re meaning, engaging, creative, students just love them all.
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    ines saboya

  22. Thaks, Ines. This kind of comment just makes me go on! See you!

  23. Cláudio,
    that's a super idea! Thanks for sharing and helping us so much.

  24. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing your activities..

  25. Thanks! Sharing is the best a teacher can do.

  26. Sinceramente muchas gracias por tan valioso material. Su generosidad al compartir todo este trabajo merece el reconocimiento de cada uno de nosotros los usuarios
    Rosanna - Uruguay

  27. Natalia from ArgentinaOctober 4, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Hi Claudio! First of all fantastic blog! You do all the hard work and we enjoy it together with our students! Let me tell you my experience. I was dealing with the topic of realtionships with a class of adult pre intermediate students and I took 3 segments to describe the different stages in a relationship, internet dating, weddings and breaking up. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I used them to enhance vocabulary, to reflect on persoal relationships and to LEARN WHILE HAVING FUN. Thank you very much, you make grow into a better teacher.

  28. Hi Natalia,

    Thanks for your words. What a great idea you had for those topics. Congrats. I'm really happy you enjoy it. See you around;

  29. Thanks a lot! Great activity.