Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vantage Point: Press

I truly recommend this movie, which shows the same scene throughout the movie with different perspectives, according the characters' views of the scene. This is the point of view of the press.

A. Work in groups:

1. What is the role of the press when transmitting a live event?

2. What are the difficulties involved?

3. What can go wrong?

B. Watch the segment and then discuss the questions that follow:

1. What was the press covering?

2. What were some of the unexpected events that took place during the coverage?

3. How would you describe the director of the broadcast (Sigourney Weaver's role)?

4. How would you describe the reporter?

5. How did they manage to continue the transmission after so many unexpected events?

6. It's many reporters' dream to cover dangerous, unexpected situations coverages, like terrorism attacks and wars. Why do you think that happens?

7. Would you like to be a reporter? Would you like to cover breaking news like the one in the segment?

C. Vocabulary practice: Match the vocabulary and definition columns about the press.

1. International correspondent

2. Copyeditor

3. anchorman or anchorwoman

4. Broadcast

5. Reporter

6. Bombshell

7. Cover

8. Scoop

( ) is the main news reader from a TV programme

( ) to report the news of a particular important event

( ) a person whose job is to discoverinformation about news or events and discribe them for a nespaper, maganzine, TV or radio

( ) reports from abroad

( ) makes corrections before the newspaper is printed or the news is read on TV

( ) to send out a programme on television or radio

( ) a sudden and usually unpleasant piece of news

( ) a story discovered and published by one newspaper before all the others

Coorect order: 3, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8



  1. Once again I want you to know that your ideas have been of great help at my institute, we are 5 teachers and you've changed the pace of our classes with such great ideas and selected material. Go on!!!!!!!!!! my students love your work.

  2. Thanks, Laura. It is rewarding hearing that!