Saturday, August 8, 2009

Knowing: Fate - Predicting the Future

A. Watch the first segment of the movie KNOWING.

B. Talk to a partner. Have in mind that the first scene took place 50 years ago: 1. Is Lucinda writing numbers consciously? How do you know it? 2. Why is she doing it? 3. What do you think those numbers mean? C. Watch the second part now:

D. Talk to a partner. This second scene takes place nowadays, 50 years after the first scene.
1. What do those numbers actually stand for?

2. How did the main character solve the puzzle?

3. Why did he get so terrified in the end of the scene?

4. What will happen next?

5. Is it possible that someone manages to predict the future like Lucinda did?

E. Talk to a different partner now. Take turns asking the questions.

1. Do you believe it is possible to predict the future?

2. Are there people who can actually see what will happen?

3. What do you know about Nostradamus? What's your opinion about him?

4. Do you think things are pre-determined to happen? Or is it just coincidence?

5. Do you believe in fate?

6. Would you like to know your future? Why (not)?

7. Would you like to know when/how you are going to die? Why (not)?

8. Do you think that there will be a big catastrophe that will terminate or seriously harm mankind? Explain it?

F. Read the quote below written by Liz on her inspiring and extremely thought provoking site



Read Cambridge's dictionary definitions for fate and destiny.

Fate - What happens to a particular person or thing, especially something final or negative, such as defeat or death. (Cambridge dictionary)

Destiny - The force that some people think controls what happens in the future, and which cannot be influenced by people. (Cambridge dictionary)

Class Discussion:

Do you think Liz is right? Do you agree with her?


  1. Can you believe me if I tell you that this is exactly what I need for my Monday class? I'm starting a unit about predictions and the future. Thanks for sharing, I'll let you how it works.

  2. Isn't it just great? Tell me how it works, OK? I like the segments a lot!

  3. Dear Claudio,
    I have used the lesson plan today in one of my in-company classes and my students loved it. It generated a great conversation with my students about destiny. Apart from that, they were all very eager to know how the movie continues. They were planning to watch the movie at home so we can discuss it next class. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It is so great to hear that! Yes, there is a lot to talk about with these segments. The movie is very gripping and controversial. I'm sure you'll still have a lot to talk about. Thanks for the feedback. See you!

  5. Fantastic stuff Claudio.

    I have been using you other grammar video blog a lot here in Thailand, and I find it to be a wonderful teaching tool.

    This new blog is impressive also. Great for conversation classes.

    Fantastic stuff.


  6. Thanks, Mike. I'm glad you like it! Come back often! See you.

  7. HI Claudio,
    This is such an amazing activity.
    I will use it this week.

  8. Thanks, Dessa. Let me know how it worked. See you.