Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love and Other Drugs: Sales Techniques

This is a nice movie with food for thought. It is funny and dramatic too. Very well-balanced drama and humor. I used this scene to have student talk about sales techniques.

Sales technique is a method used by a salesperson to persuade costumers to buy. It is a presentation of goods, and closing of sales. glossary of

I. Watch the movie segment from the movie Love and Other Drugs. Observe the main character's selling strategies and techniques. Then read the skills and attributes a salesperson must have and check the items you think he has. Make sure you give examples that you saw in the segment that support your viewpoint. If you can't spot the skill in the segment, say it. Then check the DONT's items he committed.


l. Job satisfaction.

2. Product knowledge.

3. Enthusiasm.

4. Formal and up-to-date sales technique training.

5. The ability to ascertain the customer's needs.

6. The ability to fit the product to the customer.

7. The ability to recognize the customer's problems, e.g. shortage of money, shortage of time.

8. The ability to recognize the time to close the sale.

9. A likable and friendly manner

10. Last, but by no means least, a clean and smart appearance.


l. Don't be aggressive, avoid the hard sell.

2. Don't talk about yourself, it holds no interest for the customer.

3. Don't approach the customer smelling of alcohol, cigarettes or anything that the customer may find the slightest bit offensive.

4. Don't ever argue with the customer, simply ask questions.

5. If you get a positive buying signal from the customer, cease your sales presentation - to continue can lose you the sale.

6. Don't criticize others.

7. Don't criticise other manufacturers' products.

II. Discuss the questions that follow:

1. Can a salesperson be actually trained? Explain it.

2. What's your opinion about Pfizer's workshop?

3. What are some of the techniques they teach there?

4. How motivated are the participants?

5. What are the company's main goals?

6. How does Pfizer motivate their salespeople?

7. Do you consider the main character an effective salesperson? Why (not)?

8. Do you think you are a good salesperson? Why (not)?

9. Would you like to join workshops like the one in the segment? Why (not)?


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