Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Unborn: Nightmares

Although this movie is not a masterpiece of horror, it can be really spooky at times. If your class is too sensitive, do not use it. Check it out first. The scene is extremely attractive. All my students loved it. I hope you do too. A. Talk to a partner about the following questions:

1. Do you dream every night?

2. Do you remember your dreams?

3. Which kind of dream do you remember with more details? Dreams or nightmares?

4. Do nightmares have meanings? Do you believe your nightmares are telling you something?

5. If you had a horrible nightmare about a plane crash the night before you were going to fly to another city, would you change your plans? Why not?

6. Has any of your nightmares ever come true? If so, describe it.

7. What are recurrent dreams or nightmares? Have you ever had any?

B. Watch the first segment of the movie. This is the main character's nightmare. Try to figure out what it means. What do the objects, animals and people mean? What is the nightmare trying to tell her?

C. Share your guesses with the whole class.

D. Now watch the second segment. The main character asks her friend to give her some explanations about the dream.

E. Talk to a partner:

According to her friend:

1. What does the dog mean?

2. What does the baby mean?

3. What do you think the nightmare means now, combining both pieces of information? Be creative.

4. What will happen next?

5. Would you like to share one of your nightmares with the class?

6. What's your opinion about their interpretation of the dream?



  1. Thanks, Mike. I'm glad you have been visiting it here frequently. See you.

  2. I've used this lesson plan with my sixth grade students and they just loved it. We have started a contest in our class blog ( in which they will have to write about their nightmares. Thanks a lot for sharing...

  3. Hi Sabrina, isn't it just great? I love the idea of integrating writing to the lesson plan. I'll read all your students' pieces of writing. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Hi!!! I've just discovered this amazing and helpful site !!!! I love this segment (I had to hide my eyes twice!!!). Thank you for your work!

  5. Thanks a lot! Yes, it is a frightening scene. Make sure your audience is not too sensitive, but it is great food for thought and interaction. See you.

  6. Yes, indeed. I nip in and out of your blogs all the time. I find them to be a fantastic resource for me in Thailand.


  7. how can I download the movie clips?? I cannot find them! thanks