Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Go With It: Botox

This is a funny movie that talks about plastic/cosmetic surgeries. This is a great scene to discuss the use of a trendy procedure nowadays. Botox. 


Read the article from the Ezine magazine about Botox. But before you do it, tell the class what you know about it.

Botox procedures are performed through a series of injections. Medical professionals or dermatologists who are licensed to perform this procedure are usually the ones who administer botox injections. They are able to help their patients eliminate the expression lines and wrinkles that appear between their eyebrows in order to give them a naturally youthful look.Botox is a purified protein that contains Clostridium Botulinium Bacterium. This substance can drastically reduce the excessive activities of a patient's facial muscles; hence, allowing his wrinkled areas to stay smoother for longer periods of time.

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One students reads about the advantages of Botox. Another one reads the disadvantages. Then they tell each other what they read and add other (dis) advantages of their own.


The use of botox injections has given people the chance to feel happier about their looks even during the process of aging. Since this procedure does not require people to undergo invasive surgeries, it has been considered as one of the best alternatives to more invasive operations. People who use Botox also experience the luxury of undergoing a fairly risk-free cosmetic procedure. Since the Food and Drug Administration has approved it, patients are more confident and relaxed every time they visit their physician for Botox injections.


Botox presents minor disadvantages to patients who want to stay younger-looking during the late years of their adulthood. The most obvious disadvantage of this procedure is the uncomfortable needle injections that it requires, which most people might not be fond of. However, those who are determined to bring back their skin's supple and smooth texture consider this as a minor sacrifice that they are willing to tolerate.Another disadvantage that it presents is its expensive cost. However, most patients who chose to undergo a series of Botox injections also found this as a very small inconvenience. They believe that this surgical procedure is worth every dollar it costs because of the effective anti-aging properties that Botox possesses.


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Watch the segment from the movie Just Go with it and answer the questions.

1. Describe the scene.

2. How does the man feel about his new looks?

3. What about the two other guys?

4. What's your opinion about the results of the Botox application?

5. Was it the first time the character did it?

6. What would you tell him if he were good friends with you?


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lottery Ticket: Lotteries

Talking about luck and the lottery is really common in EFL ESL classes. I used this scene to lead in the topic. The scene sounds almost like a documentary, since it shows interviews of passers-by, saying what they would do if they won a very fat lottery ticket.

I. Discuss these questions in small groups.

1. Are all lotteries allowed in your country?

2. Should lotteries be allowed or prohibited? Why (not)?

3. Why are lotteries allowed in most countries, but casinos are not? How different are they? Explain it.

4. How often do you play in the lottery?

5. Have you ever won anything in lotteries/ a bingo? Do you know anyone who has? Talk about it.

6. What would you do if you won millions of dollars in the lottery? What would you never do?

7. How do you select the numbers you play in the lottery?

II. Watch the movie segment from the movie "Lottery Ticket" and answer the questions that follow.

1. Describe the scene.

2. What are some of the plans the interviewees have in case they win the lottery?

3. How honest do you think everyone was? Explain it.

4. Do you agree with any of their ideas?

5. Have you ever seen any reports like this one on TV? Why are people fascinated by what people will do with their winning prizes?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Despicable Me: Bedtime Stories, Story Telling

I think Despicable me is my favorite animated movie. This scene is great to talk about bedtime stories meaningfully.

Bedtime stories stimulate the ability to form mental images from words, an essential skill for reading. They also enhance a child's verbal skills and promote social-emotional learning. When you tell bedtime stories, you'll have a new dimension of shared experience with your child and convey your view of the world.

* Prepare a set of slips, each set with slips with the following information:


Distribute them among the students in the classroom and regroup them by having the sts sit together , according to the slips they received. All the sts who received slips - ELEMENTS OF A STORY - must sit together, for example.

* Give each group the corresponding paragraph. Sts read it and check if they understand the paragraph meaning.

* Form new groups. Each group must consist of five students, one from each of previously assigned group.

* Students share what their part meant.

Elements of a Story: All stories have a setting, characters, a conflict, and a resolution. The world of your story can be realistic or fantasy.

When: The time can be the past, the present, or the future. Phrases such as "once upon a time", "long, long ago", and "not so long ago" are great for setting time.

Where: The location can be a specific place known to your child, or a type of place, such as a school, a store, a house, a mountain, a jungle, a farm, a desert, or even the sticky surface of a sweet dessert, the inside of someone's body, the head of a pin, or the green cheese of the moon. The location can be a city, a country, "a place far, far away", or "a place not so far away".

Who: Characters can be people, animals, plants or physical objects. The protagonist is the character your child will want to succeed and with whom your child should be able to identify. Good protagonists are often your child's age, or a few years older, and often of the same gender as your child. The protagonist should learn and grow during the story. The antagonist is the other side in the conflict. Nature or a set of circumstances can be the antagonist.

Conflict/Problem: Some plots include problems that many people have experienced which can be resolved with high value qualities such as determination, hard work, honesty, perseverance, intelligence, ingenuity or faith.

Watch the movie segment from the wonderful animated movie DESPICABLE ME and find out:

The Elements of the Story:




The Conflict or Problem:

In groups:

1. Do you like the bedtime story told? Why (not)?

2. What about the children in the segment?

3. Did your parents use to tell you bedtime stories? Do you remember any of them?

4. Do (would) you tell bedtime stories to your own children? Why (not)?

5. What are some of the bedtime stories you know? Which one is your favorite?

6. Would you like to tell a bedtime story to your peers now? If so, do it! Choose one of the 10 Famous Children Bedtime Stories in this wonderful site, read it carefully, and share it with a partner.