Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Complicated: Cosmetic Surgery

Great actors in this funny romantic comedy. I used this scene to talk about the popular topic, cosmetic/plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is also known as reconstructive surgery. This type of surgery involves fixing a body part or facial feature that is abnormal and reconstructing it to appear normal. Often a person seeks reconstructive surgery due to a malformation that they would like to have corrected. Others need plastic surgery because of health complications due to the abnormal body part of facial feature.

Cosmetic surgery differs from plastic/reconstructive surgery because the purpose of this procedure is to take a normal body structure and improve it to make it look better and improve the person’s self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery is not needed due to a deformity or health issue - the person simply wants to appear more attractive in most cases. Breast implants and breast reductions are seen as a cosmetic surgery procedure because the surgeon is enhancing the already normal body structure. 

Anti-aging procedures such as facelifts, tummy tucks, and hair replacement treatments are also common cosmetic procedures.

Taken from the great informative site Carefair

I. Half the class reads the first paragraph about plastic surgery. The other half reads the 2nd paragraph about cosmetic surgery. Then the students pair up to tell each other what they read and answer the question. Work in pairs:

1. Explain in tour own words the differences between plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

II. Students A ask questions in red; students B ask the questions in blue.

1. Would you consider having a cosmetic surgery? Why (not)? If so, in which cases?

2. Do you think cosmetic surgeries are more popular among man or women? Why does is happen?

3. What are the dangers of cosmetic surgeries?

4. What parts of your body or face would you like to change?

5. Why are cosmetic surgeries so popular in some countries, like the USA and Brazil, and not so popular in others, like Japan and China?

6. Do you think there should be an age limit for someone to have a cosmetic surgery? How young or old must one be to have a cosmetic surgery?

7. How happy are people with the cosmetic surgery results?

8. What advice would you give someone willing to have a cosmetic surgery?

9. Is cosmetic surgery playing with the way that God made us? Explain it.

10. Do you know anyone famous (or not) whose cosmetic surgery was not satisfactory? Talk about what happened.

11. Is it okay to have a cosmetic surgery to completely change the way your face looks like, creating a new identity, for example ? Why (not)?

12. If you could have a cosmetic surgery for free with the best surgeon in the world, what would you change?

II. Decide if the statements below are Risks or Benefits of cosmetic surgeries.

Collected from: Mayoclinic Smartskincare

1. Plastic surgery is expensive. In the US, a facelift costs from $6,000 to $15,000.

2. Any surgery is potentially dangerous, including plastic surgery. Complications are rare but they do occur, ranging from scarring to fatalities. Plastic surgery may be particularly risky if you have certain health conditions (e.g. diabetes).

3. Everyone is different. Some people do much better than others, even when treated by the same plastic surgeon.

4. It may take several weeks or months before your face fully recovers from plastic surgery.

5. Plastic surgery might adversely affect the physiology of your skin and underlying tissues, speeding up the aging process.

6. Dissatisfaction is possible after any type of cosmetic surgery. Surgical complications are possible, too — including excessive bleeding or infection at the surgical site.

7. Your self-esteem might improve after cosmetic surgery, but cosmetic surgery isn't likely to relieve depression or other mental health conditions.

8. Individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery find themselves emotionally more confident.

9. Blending in is sometimes quite important to people who decide to have plastic surgery, especially when they have grown up teased because of their features.

10. There are many cosmetic surgeons available in the market. Some of them we don't know much about, but many others are efficient doctors.

III. Watch the movie segment from the movie It's Complicated and answer the questions that follow:


1. Describe the scene.

2. What are her feelings about cosmetic surgery?

3. How confident is she?

4. Why do you think she wants to have the surgery done?

5. Do you think she needs a cosmetic surgery?
Justify your answer.

6. What's your opinion about the doctor? Would you trust him?

7. Do you think that the doctor motivated her to have the surgery? Why (not)?

8. What advice would you give her?


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  14. I really love that video. Actually I saw the film It's Complicated (Meryl and Alec are superb and funny!) and I guess some people would feel the same way as Meryl's character especially if they are not sure about the result. The best thing to do is really talk to the surgeon, regarding what you really want to accomplish with your surgery.

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