Friday, January 28, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes: Domestic Violence

This classic is unforgettable and it talks about so many polemic issues that I have used several scenes from this amazing story. This one shows how domestic violence has not changed throughout the years.

A. Read the statements below about Domestic Violence. This kind of crime is often hidden from the police for several reason.In pairs, decide if these facts about DV contribute or inhibit victims to file a suit against the oppressor.

1. The victim usually feels a shame difficult to overcome.

2. Both women and men can be abusers, but typically the violence that is reported has the man as the abuser and the woman as the victim.

3. Many people still consider it to be a private matter and don't want legal approaches.

4. Some people still believe that the victim deserves it (because she did, said, wore something that made her deserve it).

5. Some people still believe that she wants to be abused because she often stays and doesn't leave. She continues to be abused.

6. Some people think drugs/alcohol make people abusive. Fact is, substances doesn't make a person abusive, but it allows a person to lose their restraint.

B. Take turns asking the following questions.

1. What are the forms of domestic violence that you know?

2. Do you believe that domestic violence is more common among lower, less educated classes? Why (not)?

1. What would you do if there were domestic violence in a house next to yours? Would you change your mind if you new those people?

2. Do you think that most people who commit DV grew up in an environment with similar context?

1. What are the main causes of DV?

2. Why do you think victims of DV frequently stay in the relationship for so long?

1. Why do many countries consider DV an internal affair, a private matter? Do you agree with this policy?

2. Do you think some women actually like violent husbands?

C. Watch the movie segment from the film Fried Green Tomatoes that shows a young housewife who suffers DV.

1. Describe the scene.

2. Why do you think she stayed with him for such a long time?

3. What should happen to the man?

4. What should happen to the woman?

5. This scene takes place in the 60's. Do you think this scenario is more or less common nowadays?



  1. Congrats Claudio for this terrific activity, excellent to educate people against DV. Only complaint, I missed the subtitles for my students! I'm using it with my 18-year-old students tomorrow ; ) I'm sure they'll enjoy it!!

  2. Thanks. Well, the DVD does not have the subs in English. Sorry...