Saturday, October 24, 2009

Labor Pains & The Proposal: Boss x Employee

A. Talk to a partner about the following questions.

1. What should the ideal boss be like? Mention at least 5 important qualities he/she must have.

2. Mention 5 qualities a boss can't have.

3. What is the limit for an employee to bear with a rude boss?

4. Would you quit a position because of your boss even if the job were excellent pay and you didn't have any other opportunity in mind?

5. Would you tell the truth to your boss if you didn't like the he/she treated you? Why (not)?

B. Watch the first part of the segment from the movie Labor Pains and decide.

1. Who is right? The boss or the employee?

2. Was the boss too strict about her delay? Why (not)?

3. What would you do if you were the employee?

4. What would you do if you were the boss?

5. What were the wrong things both the employee and the boss did? Explain it.

C. Now watch the second segment from Labor Pains and answer the questions that follow.

1. Is the main character actually pregnant?

2. Why did she make that up?

3. Is it okay to lie to your boss just to keep your job?

4. Do you think it's fair that a pregnant woman can't be legally fired? Why (not)?

5. What are the laws in your country concerning pregnant women at the workplace?

6. What will she have to do so that her workmates don't find out she's not pregnant.

7. What will happen next?

8. What should the boss do if/when she finds out about that she is not pregnant at all?

9. What other excuse could she have made up in order to keep her job? Would it be better or worse than hers? Why?

D. Watch the next segment from the movie The Proposal. Then discuss the questions.

1. How do you describe the relationship between the boss and the employees? How healthy is it?

2. What about the boss and her secretary?

3. Does the boss deserve her reputation? Explain it.

4. What's your opinion about the way she fired her employee?

5. What's your opinion about the way the fired employee reacted to it?

6. Would you like to be her secretary knowing that the pay is extremely profitable? Why (not)?


  1. Hi Claudio.
    This is a really amazing site!!! Believe me!!
    Just one question. Is there any way in which I could see the videos in a bigger size??
    Thank you!
    I will appreciate your answer.
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  2. Hi Eva.
    Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
    Unfortunately, blogger does not allow enlarging the video screen or fullscreening. Sorry about it. I wish they would, though. But you can always download the videos. Then you could enlarge them at realplayer or media player. See you.

  3. Hi Claudio,
    Thank you very much for your answer. How can I download the video??? Is that available from your site??
    By the way, tomorrow I will do an activity about defining and non-defining relative clauses from this great site. I will use your videos and activities from "definitively, maybe" and "Miss Congeniality".
    Thank you for making teaching easier!

  4. Thanks, Eva,
    You can download the segment by using Relaplayer. Download the free version at and after installing it, you'll be offered the option to download the segment automatically when you scroll your mouse over the video screen. That's how I download videos from youtube, for example, and you can do it here too. Let me know if you managed. It is, in fact, very easy. Tell me if the activities worked, OK? See you.

  5. Despite loving your site and using several ideas/activities, this is the first time I'm posting a comment. I'll be back more often and give you feedback on the classes/tasks. I run a business English school and I usually prepare the videos myself (a lot of work!) and I really appreciate you sharing all your hard work. Thanks a million and congrats! (btw, I'm working on New in Town)

  6. Hi Leila,

    Thanks for your words! I'd love to hear feedback about your classes. Come back often.

  7. Amazing video. You have made an awesome blog. I really liked it. I too downloaded that video. You are doing a great job I must say that and I really appreciate your work.