Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blended: Adventure

1. Work individually. You have one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word ‘travel'. Share your list with a partner and mention which words are positive and negative.

2. Which of the following would you like to do? Which ones do you consider worth trying adventures. Justify your answers.
  1. Travel around the world.
  2. Live in the jungle for six months.
  3. Travel to very exotic or little known countries by the citizens of your country, such as Uganda, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Zambia, etc.
  4. Go to a a live concert of your favorite  star and join the party with him/her afterward.
  5. Parachute
  6. Climb Mount Everest
  7. Swim among sharks
  8. Be a journalist in Iraq for a month
  9. Go on a safari
  10. Bungee jump 
  11. Ride a camel on the Sahara desert for a whole day
  12. Go on a trip to outer space
3. Talk to your partner about the most exciting thing you have done in your life

4. Watch the movie segment and discuss the questions:

a. What was the unusual experience you saw?

b. Do you consider it an adventure? Would you like to try it?

c. Why didn't it end up well?

d. Do you think it really is a dangerous activity?