Saturday, March 20, 2010

17 Again: Promotions

This movie is just great. I love the idea of going back in time to our golden years and facing all the difficulties we used to face in our teenage years with the mind of an adult. This scene is one of the best of many interesting scenes in the movie. Wonderful for a class about jobs, promotions, workmates, office.

A. Work in small groups. Check the items that you consider important if one wants to climb up in his/her career. Explain why it is important (or unimportant) and give examples of how to do it.

( ) Concentrate on just doing the best you possibly can in your current position

( ) Make sure people know that you are doing a very good job

( ) Be popular

( ) Make sure the right people know you want a promotion

( ) Look for dominating new skills

( ) Be assertive to get what you want

( ) Put pride, passion and belief in everything you do

( ) See challenges as opportunities

( ) Do more than necessary

( ) Compete against other possible employees who look for the same promotion

( ) Establish a connection with your boss

( ) Be a team player

B. Watch the movie segment and answer the questions that follow:

1. Describe the scene.

2. Was the main character surprised by the boss's announcement? Why?

3. Why do you think he didn't get the promotion?

4. What's your opinion about the boss's announcing the promotion during a business

5. Why do you think the young businesswoman was promoted instead of him?

6. What's your opinion about her reaction in the elevator?

7. What's your opinion about his reaction?

8. What would you do if you were in his shoes? What about in her shoes?

C. Work in pairs.

Imagine that one of you is the boss and the other one is an employee. Role play the following situation:

Employee: You have been working for this company for many years and you believe you are doing a great job. You deserve a promotion but you are afraid your boss hasn't noticed the good work you have been doing. Talk him into giving you a promotion.

Boss: You know your employee is a good worker, but he is not good enough for the position he is applying for. You have better candidates. Listen to what he has to ask you and be tactful justifying why he will not be the one to be promoted.



  1. Movie Segment is not showing. How can the blog be useful without the movies not playing?

  2. It is showing. It is a problem with your computer.

  3. Awesome activity!

  4. how can I download the video ?

  5. Try the link that has been added to the end of the post, please. Let me know if you managed. See you.