Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr. Woodcock & The Stepford Wives: Workout

A. Work in pairs.

Student 1 asks the first set of questions. Then Student 2 repeats the process.

Student 1

1. Is it important to workout? Why (not)?

2. How often do you workout? Where do you do it?

3. Why do many people not exercise?

4. What kind of people go to the gym? Is their main goal to exercise or flirt with other people?

5. Are the exercises interesting or boring? Which one do you like best?

Student 2

1. Is it more fun to exercise alone or with other people? Why?

2. How can you adapt everyday things you do to increase the level of exercises you do everyday?

3. What's your opinion about hospital's charging higher rates to people who don't exercise? Explain it.

4. Why do some professional Olympic athletes look too old for their ages? Is working out too much harmful too?

5. Is cosmetic surgery easier and more effective than working out? Why (not)?

B. Watch the first segment from the movie Mr. Woodcock. Then answer the questions that follow.

1. Describe the scene.

2. What kind of exercises did they do?

3. Are they enjoying what they are doing? How do you know it?

4. Who is in better shape? Justify it.

5. Do they both exercise regularly? How do you know it?

C. Watch the second segment from the movie The Stepford Wives. Then answer the questions that follow.

1. Describe the scene.

2. What is their exercise routine based on?

3. What do they wear to workout?

4. Do they enjoy it? How do you know it?

5. In which ways is this gym class different from the ones you have already tried?

6. Do you agree that the women in the character are in shape? Do you think this kind of exercise can be effective? Why (not?)

7. Would you like to try one of these classes? Why (not)?



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