Saturday, December 11, 2010

The New Daughter: Neglicence x Carelessness x Accident

This movie was not very popular, but it has good moments. This scene is great for discussing NEGLIGENCE, CARELESSNESS and ACCIDENTS.


A. Read the definitions of Negligence (N) , Carelessness (C) and Accident (A). Now decide what the following cases are. Justify your answers:

Carelessness (C) is lack of concern about the consequences of an action, and by extension, the behavior that results from that lack of concern. 

Negligence (N) refers to a failure to exercise the proper care and skill that a reasonable person would have exercised. Negligence is the fault of a person.

Accident (A) refers to an event that occurred despite the use of proper care and skill. Accidents are not anyone’s fault.

1. ( ) In 2003, Annette Ritzmannt stopped to get gas and a paper at the corner store. As she walked into the Miller Mart, she slipped on a small puddle created by a leaky awning, fell forward onto her chest and chin, and lost consciousness. A witness said the impact sent her head snapping back. Miller Mart's owners, Miller Oil Co., admitted they had known the outside curb was dangerous. She was awarded more than $12.2 million in damages.

2. ( ) An 8 year old girl in Grain Valley, MO was killed. This tragedy occurred in the 1200 block of NW Phelps Drive. The news agency reported it as an “accidental” shooting. It appears that one or more adults didn't store their gun, or educated their children about the importance of gun safety.

3. ( ) Jonathan Kalus, the local hospital nurse, forgot to give Jerry Lewans his medication, so he end up having a seizure.

4. ( ) Dr. Gary Garson prescribed his patient, Ana Miller, the wrong dose of medication who was accidentally overdosed.

5. ( ) Jane Collor took Mary Dawson's respirator out and forgot to put it back, causing her death.

6. ( ) Sarah Parker slipped on a an entryway that was particularly slippery, even though it had been completely cleaned 20 minutes before.

7. ( ) Electrical wires are exposed and during a rainy night damaged a car parked in front of the light pole.

8. ( ) Jennifer Lois saw her child with unusual symptoms, such as bleeding and eyes rolling back, but did not take action. Nothing happened to the child, but the father wants custody of the child.

9. ( ) Carl Carlton allowed an unlicensed driver to drive his car and was caught by the police.

10. ( ) The owner of a car allowed a drunk driver drive his car. There was an accident and the car owner was killed.

11. ( ) The bar in front of a college serves alcohol to minors. One teenager was hit by a car that was passing by.

12. ( ) Justin Stones was driving on a icy road and fell off a cliff.

B. Watch the movie segment and answer the following questions:

1. Describe the scene.

2. How would you describe the father's, the boy's and the girl's behavior?

3. Was it negligence, carelessness, or an accident.

4. Why did the boy get hold of the gun?

5. Who's responsible for the happening?

6. What should the consequence in the following situations be? What penalties should be applied?

- if the boy gets hurt

- if the girl gets hurt

- if the boy gets killed

- if the girl gets killed

- if the father gets hurt

- if the father gets killed

C. Read the statements below about gun control found on the polemic site Decide if the statements are fact or myths. Justify your answers

#1: Gun control stops criminals from having guns.

#2: Guns are ineffective for self defense.

#3: Gun ownership is not an constitutional right in the USA.

#4: Guns are not needed since the police can be called.

#5: Only violent and uneducated people want to own guns.

#6: A home owner is 43 times more likely to be killed by their own gun than to kill an intruder.

D. According to the site, all of the items are myths. Below are the facts for each of the myths above. Do you agree with them? Why (not)? 

Fact #1: Gun control laws do not keep guns out of criminals’ hands.

Fact #2: Guns are the most effective means of self defense yet devised by human kind.

Fact #3: The Supreme Court of the United States has conclusively declared gun ownership for self defense to be an individual right.

Fact #4: The police simply cannot get there quickly enough, or at all in some situations.

Fact #5: Gun ownership is a right that between one third and one half of all Americans exercise.

Fact #6: 65 lives are protected for every 2 lives lost.


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