Sunday, December 27, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You & The Dilemma: Excuses

I think both films are funny and catchy. If you like comedies, you can give them a go. These scenes are contextualized and perfect to talk about Giving Excuses.

I. Work in pairs. Make a list of 4 different excuses people usually give in the situations below. Be creative, but believable.

1. You're late for a class because you overslept. The teacher does not accept tardiness. What excuses can you give to be accepted in class?

2. You didn't do the homework assigment and it's for a grade. It is due today. What would tell your teacher to have an extra time to hand in the assigment?

3. You went dancing and met the girlfriend/boyfriend there.
of your dreams. You arrived home 4 hours later than your parents' stipulated curfew. What excuses can you give so that you don't get grounded?

4. You were invited for a dinner party in your honor and the only dish is something you simply hate. What excuses can you give without hurting the host?

5. You received a present that you disliked. You want to exchange it, but the only way of doing it is by returning it to the person who originally gave it to you. What would you say to him/her?

6. You invite someone for dinner at a very expensive restaurant , but you forgot your wallet at home. You want to impress this person. What excuses can you give to have your guest pay the check for you?

7. You went out with a girl (boy), got her (his) telephone number but never called her (him). You meet her by accident on the street and he (she) asks why you didn't call her (him). You are still interested in the person. What can you say so that she (he) doesn't get disappointed with you?

II. Role play the situations above.

III. Watch the movie segment now. Pay attention to all the excuses the women in the segment came up with to justify their lover's not calling them. Try to remember all of them.

 IV. Discuss these questions with a partner.

1. Is it true that women want men to call them after the first date right on the next day? What's your opinion about it?

2. Is it true that men don't want to call them after the first date right on the next day? What's your opinion about it?

3. If the man does not call after the first date, is it okay for the woman to call him? Explain it.

4. What's your opinion about women who don't wait for the man to approach and initiates the contact?

5. Is it true that men want outgoing women to date and shy and conservative women to marry? Justify your answer.

V. Watch the scene from the movie The Dilemma and answer the questions in pairs:

1. Describe the scene.

2. What did he see and what happened to him?

3. Why do you think he decided not to tell the truth?

4. What excuses did he make up while and after narrating the story?

5. Did Geneva believe his excuses were true?

6. What would you do if y ou were in his shoes? And in her shoes?

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