Friday, December 18, 2009

Juno: Teenage Pregnancy

This is a great movie. Teenage pregnancy is dealt with in a creative, different manner. My students had a lot to say about it.

I. Talk to a partner about the following questions:

1. Is unwanted teenage pregnancy an issue where you live?

2. What can be done to prevent it from happening?

3. What's your opinion about aborting a teenager's unwanted pregnancy? Would you consider it under any circumstances?

4. What about giving the child away for adoption? What do you think about it?

5. What should children be taught about conception and pregnancy?

6. Is it better that teenagers remain celibate or that they become sexually active, using condoms? Explain it?

7. What should parents do when it happens?

8. What about the future father? What should he do under the circumstances below?

- if he is underaged too?

- if he is older than 18?

- If he is older than 35?

- If he had raped the teenager?

- if he has a wife?

- if he denies it?

II. Watch the movie segment and answer the following questions in groups:

1. Describe what happened in the segment.

2. What was her mother's reaction?

3. What was her father's reaction?

4. What was her friend's reaction?

5. What did Juno say she was going to do? Do you like her idea?

6. What would you do if...?

- You were Juno?

- You were Juno's best friend?

- You were Juno's parents?

- You were the father of the baby?

- You were the foster parents to whom Juno promised to give the baby away.

7. What do you think will happen next?


  1. Excellent activity! Thanks for sharing it! I couldn't just download the video. Could you share the URL??

  2. Thanks, Mari. There is not an URL for the segment. You can download it with Real player. Check out this post, please, and let me know if you have managed.