Saturday, February 11, 2012

A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence

Read the definition for Artificial Intelligence and decide what you understand about it.

Artificial Intelligence is the attempt of computers to mimic or outperform the human brain.

There are four requirements for a machine to be human-like. Match them with the explanations that follow

Four requirements that differentiate humans from machines.

1- Human emotion.

2 - The ability to create it's own data associations in order to make decisions and differentiate between true and false.

3 - Self-consciousness, which involves identity, a track of time, and a sense of the world around you. We have 5 senses and a sense of time, and a sense of who we think we are or might become.

4 - Creativity and imagination, something that will probably be the last thing to be implemented properly.

( ) Some people do not understand why we even have them; some even try to hide them most of the time. The reality is, it is an evolutionary trait that makes us have a purpose in life. Without it, we would not reproduce, complete our daily tasks, or interact with other humans. An artificially intelligent machine would still only be a simple calculator without it. Ability to Create Data Associations and Decide

( ) It is what's important with AI. Computer programs need to find ways to adapt and collect all data available to connect ideas. Most likely many of these things will be accomplished once natural language and communication is understood by AI developers.

( ) This is probably the hardest things to create. However, I think it is based on things we've already know and seen, then minor variations on those ideas, and since everything is very related anything is possible.

Answer key: Human emotion, the ability to create its own data association, creativity and imagination.

I. Watch the segment and discuss the questions:

1. Describe the scene.

2. Do you think robots will be so perfect in the future that they will become part of the family? Why?

3. Will robots ever have emotions? Will they be able to fall in love, for example?

4. What about people? Will they be able to fall in love with robots?

5. What is the future of robots? How present will they be in our lives?

6. What's your opinion about Artificial Intelligence?


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