Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides, Red Riding Hood & Dolphin Tale: Legends

I like all the three movies, especially Red Riding Hood. Perfect scenes to discuss legends.

I. Read the characteristics of a legend below.

-Tells how something came to be

- Narrative fiction (a story, not an article)

- Nature related

- Usually teaches a lesson

- Has a specific SETTING: a time, and a place.

- They often include beliefs and ideas of a culture.

- Untrue or magical parts (e.g., animals have personalities and talk)

I. Watch the movie segments from the movies Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides and Red Riding Hood. Then go over the characteristics in I and identify them in both segments.

Pirates of the Caribbean in Stranger Tides:

Red Riding Hood

III. Half of the class will work with the segment about the Werewolf (Pirates of the Caribbean). The other half will work with Mermaids (Red Riding Hood). Read the descriptions of their traditional legends and decide how accurate the movie is, according to the original legend. What extra information about the legend is presented in the segment?


- Werewolves are people with the ability to shapeshift into a wolflike creature, most commonly under the influence of a full moon.

- Ever since the early centuries, tales of werewolves have been recorded but none was truly ever captured for scientific dissection.

- Legends has it that people drink water out of a wolf's footprint to morph into one, or rub magical lotion onto their bodies.

- Werewolves are scared of silver objects, mainly silver swords or bullets.

- Once bitten by a werewolf, forever a werewolf.

2. Mermaids 

- The mermaid is a legendary sea creature with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.

- Mermaids in some legends have been said to enchant sailors by singing beautiful songs, thus distracting them from their work and causing them to walk off the deck, taking them down the sea into their underwater kingdoms.

- In modern times, mermaids are said to be tales conjured up by bored sailors at sea, and theories have also been put forward which suggest that the "mermaids" are actually manatees.

- Mermaids are beautiful and seductive.

Work in small groups and come up with a legend about dolphins. Some people believe that Dolphins are humans. How can a legend explain it? Use the characteristics of a legend in I to help you imagine the legend.

Now watch the segment from Dolphin Tale.

1. What is the legend about dolphins shown in the segment?

2. Does it have anything in common with the legend you created? Explain the similarities and differences.

3. What's your opinion about the legend in the segment? What is its message?




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