Saturday, March 24, 2012

Death Becomes Her: Aging, Magic Potions

This is a classic that makes us reflect upon people's obsession to look younger and younger. Great actors, great plot, great scene. It is great to talk about aging.

Work in small groups. Talk about these questions:

1. What's your opinion about aging? Is it the same thing as getting old? Explain it.

2. How afraid of aging are you? Why?

3. What would you do to delay your aging process?

4. What wouldn't you do?

5. Would you like to live until you are very very old? Why (not)?

6. Would you be a volunteer for a scientific experiment on anti-aging drugs, even if you did not know anything about its results or consequences? Why (not)?

7. What if a stranger offered you a "magic potion" that would make you look like you do now for the rest of your life? Would you take it even if you did not know what it was? Justify your answer.

8. Read the statements taken from the site Riding the Rollercoaster. They are reflections upon her aging process experience. The author defines herself as "I'm a proud military spouse, riding that crazy roller coaster called military life. But I'm also a mother, a writer, a teacher and everything in between." Decide whether she believes they are pros or cons of aging.

10) Age is gradually stealing my memory.

9) Age is gradually offering me wisdom.

8) My body doesn't bounce back from illness, injury, or a tough workout as quickly as it used to.

7) I take better care of myself and my health.

6) I've seen a lot of friends come and go in my life.

5) I can recognize which friendships to hold on to and which ones to let go.

4) I wonder where the years have gone.

3) I no longer take time for granted.

2) I'm watching myself change on the outside. And I don't like it.

1) I've learned who I am on the inside. And I like it.

Watch the movie segment from the movie Death Becomes Her. Then answer the questions.

Death Becomes Her

1. Describe the scene

2. What was the doctor (Bruce Willis) offered?

3. What was his decision?

4. Why did he decide to do that?

5. What would you do if you were in his shoes?


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