Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Great Gatsby, Mr. Woodcock, 27 Dresses, License to Wed & Sex and the City 2: Embarrassing Situations

Talking about embarrassing situations is wonderful. If you show segments with embarrassing situations, the students will remember their own moments more easily, fostering communication.

I. Work in pairs:
1. Talk about one embarrassing situation you have experienced. What happened and how did you deal with it?

2. What makes you feel embarrassed?

3. Rank the following situations below. 1 is the most embarrassing one.

- Being under dressed at a party.

- Being overdressed at a party

- Being the only one not wearing a costume at a party.

- Being the only one wearing a costume at a party.

- Falling in front of everyone.

- Not remembering someone's name.

- Asking something the listener dislikes.

- Being accused of something you did not do in front of others.

- Dumping a lover.

- Being dumped by a lover.

Watch the segments below and answer the same questions about all the segments.

1. What is the embarrassing situation?

2. How did the characters deal with them? 3. How would you react in that situation?

4. How could have the situation been prevented from happening?

SITUATION 1: Mr. Woodcock

Segment 2: 27 Dresses

Segment 3: License to Wed

Segment 4: Sex and the City 2

Segment 5: The Great Gatsby


  1. My students had a great time wacthing and talking about each situation.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. please help!
    how can I find the link for these short videos you posted above?
    I mean, I'd like to watch them on youtube...

  3. Check the link Here are suggestions for downloads. There is not a link for the videos because they are not at youtube, just here. However, if you use DownloadHelper with Firefox/Mozilla, it is very easy too.