Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gamer, Tron Legacy, Wreck-It Ralph & Video Games - The Movie: Video Games

Gamer is a very creative and gripping movie. I like its original idea about video games. I used this scene to warm-up this recurrent topic in ELT classes. TRON is not as good as Gamer, but the visual effects are wonderful. Both illustrate the topic pertinently.

I. Work in pairs:

1. What is opinion about video games?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games?

3. Do you like playing video games? Why (not)?

4. How have video games changed throughout your lifetime?

5. What do you think video games will be like in the future?

6. Do you learn anything playing video games? Explain it.

7. Would you control the amount of time you (or your children) dedicate to playing video games? How would you do it?

8. What's your opinion about video games with extreme violence and racist or other kinds of discrimination? Should they be prohibited?

II. Work individually now. Write A if you agree and D if you disagree withe the statements below about video games. Explain why.

( ) 1. Video games are dangerous for teenagers.

( ) 2. Video games develop high reflexes with advanced eye and hand coordination.

( ) 3. The player's peripheral vision is improved quite significantly.

( ) 4. Can teach people more about life. Virtual games, for example, can help teach people about what is involved in raising animals on a farm.

( ) 5. Video games can help improve problem solving and logic skills.

( ) 6. They increase attention span.

( ) 7. They are fun.

( ) 8. Some people can become completely addicted to video games.

( ) 9. People become desensitized to violence when they play a lot of violent video games.

( ) 10. They can give people false expectations of real life, as real life cannot be perfectly simulated by video games.

( ) 11. Violent games should be prohibited, since some teenagers have killed people imitating the actions of certain video games.

( ) 12. Time spent on video games affect academics.
III. Work in small groups now. Check and justify your answers. Use all your arguments to talk your partners into agreeing with you.

IV. Now watch the segment from the movie GAMER and answer the questions that follow:

1. Describe the scene.

2. What kind of games will there be in the future, according to the segment?

3. Describe the games presented in the segment.

4. What kind of game is Slayer? What's your opinion about this kind of game?

5. Are there similar games nowadays?

6. Do you think there will be games like those ones in the future? Why (not)?

7. Should video games designers be considered celebrities? Why (not)?

8. Would you like to play Slayer? Why (not)?

V. Watch the segment from the movie TRON Legacy and discuss the questions

1. Describe the scene.

2. Do you think it will be possible to be part of a video game just like it is pictured in TRON? Explain it.

3. Compare TRON's video game to the one in Gamer.

4. Do you think life will be better or worse if video games were like the one in TRON?

5. What do you think the objective of the game shown in TRON is?

VI. Watch the segment from the movie Wreck-it Ralph and discuss the questions:

1. What video game characters did you identify? Have you played them?

2.  What are the characters' conflicts?

3. Which are you favorite video games heroes?


V. Watch the segment from the movie Video Games - The Movie. Pay close attention to the information presented and take notes of any surprising piece of information that calls your attention, such as the video gamers sex, age, where video games are mostly played at, who buys video games, if video gamers are social, genres of video games, among others. Then form small groups and compare your lists.



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