Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mirror Mirror: Sacrifices to Be Beautiful

This movie is not a master piece, but I enjoyed it. This scene is wonderful to talk about the sacrifices people make to look attractive.

I. Work in small groups:

1. What sacrifices do you make for beauty? 

2. How would you define the cultural standard of beauty where you live? (Some locals value tanning, Botox, teeth whitening; others a more athletic standard; still more a curvaceous silhouette.) 

3. Do you give much thought as to the things you give up to attain attractiveness? 

4. Would you trade a year (or more) of your life for a slimmer, more 'ideal' shape? 

5. Are men as concerned about their appearance as women are? Explain it.

6. Is it OK for men to go to beauty salons, spas, or to have a concern about their looks? Why (not)?

7.  What's your opinion about metro sexual men, heterosexual males who spend a lot of time and money on shopping for their appearance? Is there a limit to it?

8. Do women want  to look beautiful to attract the opposite sex or to impress other women? Explain it. What about men?

 II. Which of these procedures or behavior would you consider doing in the future (or have you already gone through) in order to look younger or more beautiful? If you are a man, what's your opinions about the items below?

a. ( ) Botox injections

b. ( ) Liposuction

c. ( ) Cosmetic surgery

d. ( ) Use makeup to cover acne

e. ( ) Exercise more than 3 hours every day

f. ( ) Wearing mud masks on the face

g. ( ) Experimenting new untested rejuvenating products

h. ( ) Cosmetics 

i. ( ) Wearing high heels that are 12 cm tall

j. ( ) Operation of silicon

k. ( ) Wearing "complicated" clothes that make you look thin

 l. ( ) Wearing hair extensions (mega hair extensions)

m. ( ) Sleeping with cucumbers or steaks on the eyes

n . ( ) Going to a beauty salon twice (or more times) a week.

III. What other procedures or behaviors can one do to look younger or more beautiful?

IV. Watch the movie segment from the movie Mirror Mirror and discuss the questions.

1. What are some of the procedures that Ravenna, Snow White's stepmother, did in order to look beautiful.

2. What items is II did she experiment?

3. Are you not familiar with any of the things she did?

4. Are the procedures effective? Explain it.

5. Have you ever done any of those things to yourself? Dis they work?



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