Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad Teacher: Classroom Management - Methodology Teaching, Discipline in the Classroom

This movie is wonderful for methodology classes. I used this scene to address classroom management.

Problem behavior rarely occurs in successful language classrooms. When students are engaged, have a reasonable level of self-esteem and are experiencing success, there is no incentive for them to behave badly or disrupt lesson. There are, though, moments when we need to modify behavior in order to create successful learning environments. There are many things to bear in mind if we wish to achieve these goals (Harmer, Jeremy - The Practice of English Language Teaching).

Watch the movie segment and spot whether these procedures were followed by the teacher. Here is a list of the steps Harmer suggests. Check the procedures the teacher actually followed or did it partially.

Norms were explicitly discussed

They were jointly negotiated

Rules were reviewed and revisited

T wrote norms on the wall

T provided  reinforcement systems

T established  some  behavioral actions

They had agreed norms and procedures

T postponed discipline measures for after class to save class time for learning

T  set consequences

T investigated the reason for misbehavior

T recognized students as individuals

Discuss the questions:

1.    How would you describe the learners? What were their behavior disruptions?

2.    What should she have done on the first day of class?

3.    How would you assess her planning?

4.    How did she individualize students’ attention?

5.    What was the teacher’s role on the first day and after three weeks of class?

6.    How has she changed from the very first day to third week of class?

7.    What should she do now in order to improvement her classroom management skills?



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