Sunday, April 10, 2016

In the Heart of the Sea: Survival

I enjoyed this movie about Moby Dick. The special effects are awesome and the story is gripping. Lovely choice for a weekend.

I. Work in small groups. Make a list of 10 objects you would take with you if you had to live for one year alone with your group on a desert island with few resources. You all have to agree on the items.

II. Share your list with the rest of the class. Now imagine that you can only take the objects that all the groups wrote on each of their lists.

III. Now imagine what you would do to..........*

- Drink water
- Fish
- Build a shelter
- Protect yourself from wild animals
- Prevent diseases
- Make food

 * Remember - you only have the objects that all the groups came up with:

IV. Watch the movie segment and discuss what the survivors of a shipwreck did to survive. Were there similarities between what the movie characters did and what you said you would do?


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