Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Arrival: Memories

One of the best 2016 releases, especially for language teachers. A must see!

Work in small groups:

1. What is your earliest memory? 

2. What is your most vivid childhood memory? 

3. What is your happiest childhood memory? 

4. What do you remember of your first day at school? 

5.  Do you remember your first kiss? 

6. Are there any smells, music or tastes that bring back a childhood memory strongly? 

7. What is the best memory you have?

8. How good is your memory?

9. What do you wish you were better at remembering?

10. Are computers making our ability to remember better or worse? Give some examples.

11. Is the ability to memorize lots of things important? Why or why not?

Watch the segment and make a summary of the main character's memories of her daughter's lifetime.




  1. Muito bom esse blog, passarei a frequentar e isso que você fez da para fazer uma boa dinâmica de grupo. Parabens

  2. Que bom que você gostou. Volte sempre.