Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cast Away: Improvisation

Work in pairs:

1. How would you define improvisation?

The art or act of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation (

2. Do you consider yourself good at improvising according to the situation you are facing at the moment? Can you think of examples?

3. Brazilians are famous for their improvisation in adverse situations. There is even an expression for that (jeitinho brasileiro - free translation - Brazilian way of solving a problem not necessarily following pre-established rules). Do you think it is a quality or a handicap? Explain it.

4. What about the people in your country? Are most people good at improvising or do they have difficulties adapting to an unexpected situation?

5. Imagine you are lost in the middle of the forest. You find a bag with a few objects inside it. Think about different ways you can use the following objects to help you survive. These ways have to be different from the obect's original purpose.

- An umbrella

- A car

- Roller skates

- The bag 

- A helmet

- 10 pens

- 100  Red balloons 

- A soccer ball

Now watch the movie segment and make a list of how the main character improvised when using the following objects:

Federal Express Boxes

Video cassette tapes

Ice skates

The fabric of the dress

Bubble wrap


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