Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Founder: Innovative Ideas

I love t his movie and the way it shows how hard it is to innovate a brand. Leaders should watch it.

Activity inspired by the awesome sites:

Talk to a partner:

1. Do you consider yourself creative? Think of examples that shows you are (not) creative.
2. Think about the items below. What innovations do you remember that have taken happened to them until the version we have nowadays.

- Video games
- Cell phones
- Cars
- Fast food restaurants
- Computers
- Fashion

3. Read four crucial steps managers must have in mind when implementing a new idea in a company. Then explain their meaning in your own words.


Without step-by-step planning, change in an organization is likely to fall apart or cause more problems than benefits. You need to understand exactly what changes will take place and how those changes will occur. You also need to assign roles to individuals who are responsible for the change so all duties are covered.

Lack of Consensus

If you fail to get everyone on board with the corporate changes, you are likely to face barriers during the process. The decision to implement changes should come from the top level of the organization. All management level staff needs to be on board and able to deal with the changes or you may face dissension within the staff.


Failing to communicate with all employees invites rumors and fear into the workplace. Employees want to know what's going on, whether it is positive or negative news. The feeling of uncertainty when management doesn't communicate disrupts work and makes employees feel as if they aren't a part of the decision. Involve all employees as much as possible through meetings or brainstorming sessions to help during the planning phase.

Employee Resistance

In some cases, employees resist change. They become comfortable with the way the business is run. They know the expectations and their role within the company. When a major change disrupts their familiarity, some employees become upset. They don't want to relearn their jobs or change the way they do things.

4. Watch the movie segment and identify how McDonald's innovated the concept of fast food restaurants. Then talk about:



  1. Hello Claudio! You won't believe, but I watched this documentary yesterday and thought you would prepare sth on it!! Thanks so much for reading my thoughts ehehehe will you afford us with the segment download? Thanks a bunch

  2. Both links are available on the post. Check them out, please. Thanks for your words.