Monday, December 10, 2012

Rio 2, New Year's Eve & When Harry Met Sally: New Year's Eve


This is a nice class for the end of the year's holidays. I have posted one for Christmas and now I am providing you with one for New Year's Eve. I hope you like it! Happy New Year!

I.          Talk to a partner in pairs:

      1.   How important is New Year’s Eve for you?      
      2.   Can you remember (one of ) you favorite New Year’s Eve? 

            3. What about a frustrating one?

      4.     How do you prefer to celebrate this event? In a very busy city , with the person you love and maybe a few friends in a quiet place, or would you rather stay home and sleep early?

      5.      Do you like to watch New Year’s Eve special TV programs? Why (not)?

      6.    What are some famous spots people go on New Year’s Eve? 

      7.      Where do the people in your city gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

      8.       Do you have any superstition for that moment? Do you know any superstition people have for New Year’s Eve?

II.  Check what you usually do when in New Year’s Eve?

( ) Travel

( ) Go to very crowded places

( ) Watch the fireworks

( ) Go dancing

( ) Go to church

( ) Exchange gifts

( ) Watch TV

( ) Go to restaurants

( ) Go to a friend's house

( ) Stay with your family

( ) Cook and eat special meals

( ) Drink a lot

( ) Party all night long

( ) Take pictures

( ) Sleep early

( )  Go to a quiet, romantic place

III. Watch the first segment from the movie New Year's Eve and discuss the questions:



1. Where does the scene take place?

2. What are some of the things in exercise II that you can see in the segment

3. Have you ever spent New Year's Eve in New York? Talk about your experience. If you have not, would you like to do it one day? Why (not)

4. What was the  unexpected event that happened in that specific year?

5. What's your opinion about her speech? Is is tacky or touching? Explain it.

IV. Watch the scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally and discuss the questions:

1. Describe the scene.

2. Where does it take place?

3. What do both segments have in common and how different are they?

4. What was so special for the characters about this special event?

5. Is New Year's Eve a good moment to find a new lover? Or to make up a broken relationship? Why ?

 V. Watch the segment from the movie Rio 2 and answer the questions:

1. How do Brazilians celebrate New Year's Eve in Rio?

2. How different is this celebration in Rio from the way it is celebrated in your city?

3. Have you ever spent New Years Eve in Rio? How was it?

4. Should we celebrate New Year's Eve? Why is (not) it special?




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