Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Emperor's Club: Teachers

This is an amazing movie and this touching scene is perfect to warm-up a discussion about teachers.
Discuss these questions with a friend.

 1. Who is/was your favorite teacher? Justify your answer.

 2. What makes a good teacher? What qualities must he have?

3. Have you ever had a teacher you had a disagreement with? What happened exactly?

 4. Are teachers' salaries fair enough? Do you think it may influence in their performance in class? Explain it.

 5. Have you ever given a teacher of yours a gift? Why did you do it?

 6. Would you like to be a teacher? Why (not)?

 7. Will teachers ever be replaced by technology in the classroom? Explain it.

 8. Are teachers nowadays better or worse than the ones in the past? Justify it.

 II. Watch the movie segments from the movie The Emperor's Club and discuss the questions:



 1. Describe the scenes.

 2. How do you compare both scenes?

 3. What's your opinion about this kind of attitude demonstrated by the students. Is it sincere or do you consider it tacky? Why?

 4. Have you ever done it with one of your teachers?

 5. Would you like to honor any teacher of yours the way these students did? Why (not)?

 6. What sort of difference will this behavior make in the teacher's life? Explain it.

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