Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Lorax & The Bay: Activism

The Lorax is a great movie. Its message is constructive and inspiring. I used this scene to talk about activism. The Bay is a thriller and is advisable just for adults.

Activism is action on behalf of a cause, action that goes beyond what is conventional or routine. The action might be door-to-door canvassing, alternative radio, public meetings, rallies, or fasting. The cause might be women's rights, opposition to a factory, or world peace. Activism has played a major role in ending slavery, challenging dictatorships, protecting workers from exploitation, protecting the environment, promoting equality for women, opposing racism, and many other important issues. Activism can also be used for aims such as attacking minorities or promoting war.

There are many different forms of activism; "activism" isn't synonymous with "radical." Nor does activism mean violence or the destruction of property. Boycotting is a form of activism as are silent candlelight vigils. Gandhi was an activist as was Mother Teresa.

Work in pairs:

1. According to the information above, what are some ways one can be an activist?

2. What are some famous causes for activists?

3. What are other ways to be an activist in your neighborhood or city, for example?

4. Have you ever been an activist? Talk about it.

5. What are some activism victories you have have knowledge of. 

II. Watch the movie segment from the movie The Lorax and discuss the questions:

1. How is activism portrayed in the segment?

2. What is the cause defended by the main character?

3. How important is his cause?

4. Do you think he is an activist? List a few characteristics of an activist.

III. Watch the segment from the movie The Bay and discuss the questions.

1. How is activism portrayed in the segment?

2. What are the causes defended?

3. How important is the cause?

4. What are the consequences of this environmental issue?

5. Would you join the cause? Which side would you join?

6. What environmental consequences have already taken place and what do you think will probably happen next?



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