Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flight: Anti-Heroes

I just loved this movie and its controversial story. Washington is amazing in the role of a drunk pilot who manages to be the hero of a flying accident. A must see.

Read the definitions and characteristics of a hero and anti-hero.

When the main character is deeply flawed, however, lacking in the attributes that people most often associate with heroism, he or she becomes an anti-hero.

Heroes face danger for the sake of protecting or saving others with little thought to themselves. Action movies often feature a classic hero or heroine who must risk all to beat the odds and achieve an objective that serves others as much or more than it serves the hero. In many cases, the hero volunteers through sense of duty, while at other times, he or she rises to the occasion when put in a situation that calls for action.

The anti-hero is often a reluctant hero who does not consider himself capable of accomplishing the goal. He might be selfish, addicted, corrupt, sullen, or disaffected. By the end of the journey, he typically transforms into a fuller, happier, or more complete person due to the struggles he endures. In many cases, the anti-hero dies at the end of the story, even while overcoming his faults.

II. Watch the movie segment and decide if the main character is a hero or anti-hero. Discuss the questions too.

1. The pilot managed to save most of the people's lives. Does it make it him a hero?

2. He drank alcoholic beverages during the flight. Does it still make him a hero?

3. Is he guilty or Innocent?

4. What should happen to him?

5. What are his personality traits that don't make him a hero, according to the definitions above?

6. Can you think of other famous anti-heroes?


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