Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Man Tate: Privileges for the Gifted

This movie is a classic. It is a turning point on movies about people with special needs and gifts. Definitely worth-seeing!

I. Discuss the following quotes. Which one do you agree with?

1. 100% of our intelligence comes from the environment. If so, genetics influence is not important, just the way you were educated or raised will count.

2. 50% of our intelligence comes from genes and 50% comes from the environment.

3. 100% of our intelligence comes from our genes. If so, the family of Sigmund Freud and his descendants are all intelligent, for example.

II. Do you think that preferential treatment should be given to the gifted? Do you agree with this statement?

"Gifted Children should be singled out for preferential treatment. They should be given advantages that other children don't get in order to nurture their special talents".

Make a list of arguments for and against this issue.

III.  Divide the class into two groups and promote a debate. The groups prepare a list of arguments for and the other one against the quotation.


IV. Watch the segment and discuss the questions:

1. What is the main characters' special talent?

2. How did feel about it?

3. What did he want to have, and he doesn't?

4. How did the school professionals deal with the situation?

5. How did his mother deal with this situation?

6. What would you do if you were his mother?

7. What if you were the school's director?


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