Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Elysium & The Internship: Working Conditions

I really like Elysium, a science fiction that really intrigued me. The Internship is great beacuse it talks about Google workplace, a dream for most teenages.

Talk to a partner:

1. Where do you work? Describe your working conditions.

2. What are the positive and negative aspects of your workplace working conditions? What could be improved?

3. Rank the items below according to what you consider the most important features for your dream job. (1 - most important and the last one the least important)

( ) Challenging
( ) Good workmates
( ) Flexible working hours
( ) Safety
( ) Chances of promotions
( ) Comfort
( ) Long vacations
( ) Not wearing uniforms
( ) Fun
( ) Opportunities to travel
( ) Friendly boss

4. Group up with a few friends, compare your lists and justify your answers.

 5. Watch the segment from the movie Elysium and describe the working conditions, positive and negative aspects of this job, and what can be improved there. Then decide if you would like to work there.

6. Watch the segment from the movie The Internship and describe Google's working conditions, select positive and negative aspects of working there, and what can still be improved. Finally,  decide if you would like to work there.

7. What is the ideal job for you? What about working conditions?




  1. Hi Claudio! I've been following your blog for years now.
    It seems that the links for download are not working. What do you think is the problem?