Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Surf's up: Inspiration, Admiration


I love animated movies. This one has a beautiful story about friendship, admiration and fighting for your beliefs. Besides, it is a lovely scene.

I. Work with a partner. Make a list of at least 10 people both of you admire. Make sure they are all from different areas/fields.

 II. Who have you most admired this year?Think about one person for each item below. Say who you admire and why.

A friend
A family member
A male celebrity
A female celebrity
A politician
A child
A sports person

III. Share your list in small groups.

IV. Discuss the questions.

1. Who did you look up to / admire most  when you were a child? Why did you have such admiration for that person?
2. Who do you look up to / admire most now?
3. Do you think you are a good role model?
4. Who do you think was a good / bad influence on you when you were a child?
5. Were you a good / bad influence on your friends?
V. Watch the movie segment and answer the questions.
1. Who is the role model in the segment?

2. Why is he so admirable?

3. Do you think he deserves the admiration? Why (not)?

4. How did he change the life of his admirers? 

4. Do you know anyone who has a similar story of admiration?  Share it with your friend. It does not have to be a surfer or a sports person.