Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Go with It: Negotiating, Bargaining

It is great to see how persuasive some people can be while bargaining for a good deal. This scene s great to talk about this topic.

I. Negotiating Principles. by Fisher, R, and Urey. W., the Harvard
Negotiation Project

Set the tone early, offset any bad rumors, be candid.

Utilize "human factors" and be open about feelings and motives: this will enhance trust.

Avoid presenting too many issues, highlight the strongest ones.

Avoid deadlines, lessening the chance for needless concessions.

Summarize frequently: this enhances understanding.

Present arguments calmly, without personalization, and make sure they are logically supported.

Avoid use of personal opinions in arguments.

Avoid ultimatums and other forms of non-negotiable demands.

Admit, when appropriate, the validity of the other party's arguments.

Work in pairs

1. After reading the tips of a good bargainer, do you consider yourself one? Explain it.

2. How often do you bargain when you go shopping? And when you travel?

3. Do you bargain with your parents/children? Who usually makes the best deal?

4. When do you usually bargain? When do you never bargain?

Watch the scene from the movie Just Go with it and discuss the questions:

1. Describe the scene.

2. Who is the best bargainer?

3. What strategies (or principles in exercise I) did he make use of to get the best deal?

4. What was the deal?

5. What was the tone of the negotiation like?

6. How would you conduct this conversation if you were the one talking to the boy?



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