Friday, July 10, 2015

Interstellar & Pixies: Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance," or more commonly, "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." 

Work in groups. Come up with a theory of why the expression is called Murphy's Law? Be creative. 

Then share your idea with the class.

Now read how the expression was born and decide who came up with the closest idea.

Murphy's Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will") was born at Edwards Air Force Base in 1949 at North Base.It was named after Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981, (a project) designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash. One day, after finding that a transducer was wired wrong, he cursed the technician responsible and said, "If there is any way to do it wrong, he'll find it." The contractor's project manager kept a list of "laws" and added this one, which he called Murphy's Law. Actually, what he did was take an old law that had been around for years in a more basic form and give it a name

I. Work with a partner:

1. Watch the movie segment and explain the girl's feeling. Why does she feel the way she does? Is she right to feel that way?

II. Think about a day in your life in which everything that could happen or go wrong did happen or did go wrong. Explain why Murphy's Law applied to that situation. Think about a trip that went wrong, a bad date, an unfortunate lie or anything you have experienced. Then share your stories with the class.

III. Watch the movie segment from the movie PIXIES. According to the segment, who is responsible for Murphy's Law unfortunate events? What happens to the main character during the past days?



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